Landmark Society of Homer NY

The Anna Hilton Preservation Award

Anna Hilton Portrait
Detail from Portrait of Anna Hilton by Jere R. Wickwire. The original painting hangs in the 1890 house in Cortland.

The Landmark Society Annual Anna Hilton Preservation Award recognizes significant contributions to preserving Homer’s landmarks. It is named for a dedicated Homer resident whose generosity continues to benefit Homer and whose passion for historic preservation has become legendary.

Mrs. Hilton was active in many causes, but Homer’s history held a special place in her life. When she helped found The Landmark Society, she prepared by taking courses in historic preservation at Cornell University. 

As Bill Rogers, longtime chair of the Village Planning Board during her tenure there, said of Anna:

"Whether it is a beautification project, saving a historical outhouse, or cleaning up after Niagara Mohawk lamp installers with a wheelbarrow and broom, our Village Conscience is always on the job. Planning Board meetings used to be much shorter before you joined us several years ago, but they were not half as interesting nor were they as thorough."

Gift Basket for Anna Hilton Award

In 1981, Mrs. Hilton was named co-winner of the Zonta Woman of Achievement Award. For her devotion to historic preservation efforts, Anna also received a statewide award from the Preservation League of New York State in the 1980s.

Anna remained the “Village Conscience” into her 90s. Her love for Homer and its history is commemorated and perpetuated by the Landmark Society’s Annual Anna Hilton Award.  

The Anna Hilton Award honors those individuals or groups who have made an important contribution to landmark preservation through restoration or historically sensitive adaptation.

Award recipients will receive a custom designed bronze plaque and framed certificate, acknowledgment in local media, and a gift basket from the Landmark Society.


Who may submit a nomination

Anyone may submit a nomination for any structure, site or object in Homer that meets the requirements for the award. (Self-nominations are welcome.) Only completed applications submitted no later than March 30 will be considered.


The effort or project recognized by the award should have been completed within two years prior to the application deadline.

What we look for:

Adherence to a preservation philosophy is of utmost importance. Recognition and respect for the original design intent of the project and for the period to which it is restored will be considered. New additions or alterations to the building, structure, site or object should have been done in a manner that does not impair the essential form and integrity of the site. Where alterations or additions to the building are of contemporary design, the work must respect the original historical, architectural and cultural qualities and must not significantly alter the original so if the new work were to be removed, the original structure will remain unharmed. The project should retain the distinguishing qualities and character of the original construction.

How to apply:

Applications may be submitted either electronically or in hard copy but must be submitted no later than March 30 each year. Winner will be chosen by the Board of Directors of The Landmark Society of Cortland County. The winner will be announced at the “Spirit of Preservation” Award Ceremony hosted by the Landmark Society in October.

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