Landmark Society of Homer NY

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Homer today remains much like it was in the 19th century. The central business district boasts a well-preserved Victorian downtown and a charming Village Green with a bandstand gazebo.

Take a stroll along Main Street and environs and you will find many of Homer’s more than 200 historic buildings within easy walking distance. You can also visit the farmer’s market, browse for antiques and experience Homer’s unique local shops, have a bite to eat, enjoy seasonal sports, and take in some of the many area attractions.

Walking Tour Map


1 Romanesque commercial building, 1888, with 12 chimneys.

2 Village Green, established by First Religious Society of Homer, which was founded in 1799 and is still in existence.

3 Romanesque Church, 1893. Now the Center for the Arts of Homer

4 Federal House, 1825, 80 S. Main St. David Harum lived here. Porches are later  addition.

5 Italianate, 1868, 84 S. Main St. Porch is 1967 addition. 

6 Federal House, 86 S. Main St. Fluted pilasters apped with Ionic Volutes. Porch is later addition.

7 Italianate, 1840s, 90 S. Main St.

8 One of the oldest houses in Homer, 87 S. Main St. was made in 1808 from 2 older (1799) buildings: the first tavern and the first schoolhouse/church.

9 Federal House 1816, 86 S. Main St. Once a temperance tavern called “Wisdom’s Gate.”

10 Federal House, 1832, 5 Albany St. Birthplace of William Stoddard, one of President Lincoln’s secretaries and biographers.

 11 Federal/Second Empire, 1819, 81 S. Main St. Andrew Dickson White, First president and co-founder of Cornell Univesity was born here in 1832. Renovated in the 1880s in the second empire style

12 The Elizabeth Brewster House with Greek Revival style columns, 1891.

13 Romanesque, Phillips Free Library, 1902. 23 S. Main St. Architect: Archimedes Russell.

14 Barber Block with Opera House, 1856. Built by pioneer-merchant-banker Jedediah Barber. Commercial.

15 David Harum Building, 1857. Originally a Bank.

16 Three rare lenticular truss bridges, 1881. Interesting use of tension rods.

17 Town Hall, 1908. 31 N. Main St.

18 Greek revival home, 1836. 57 N. Main St.

19 Federal house, 1830s, with Victorian porch, 46 N. Main St.

20 Salt box, 1803, with one-way shutters on frieze windows.

21 Eastlake Queen Anne style house, 1880. 22 N. Main St. Designed by Archimedes Russell, a well-known Syracuse architect.

22 The oldest house in Homer. Built in 1799. Moved to 20 Clinton St. in 1824.

23 Octagonal house with octagonal garage, 1853. 26 Clinton St.

24 Railroad watchtower, 1854

25 Greek revival home, 1826. 18 N. Main St. Brick with 32 rooms. Built by Jedediah Barber.

26 Turn of the century Queen Anne houses. 16 N. Main St. and 7 Elm St.

27 Salisbury-Pratt homestead. Part of the underground railroad. Route 281.

28 Cortland Repertory Theater and Dwyer Park, Little York

29 Living History Center/ Brockway truck museum