Landmark Society of Homer NY

Architectural Styles

New England Vernacular ~ Frame Houses

Oldest House in Homer NY
The Oldest House in Homer
c1812 Saltbox
c1812 Saltbox
87 South Main St Homer NY
87 South Main St.


Because many of early settlers of Homer NY had roots in New England, some early homes reflect these familiar architectural styles. The oldest existing house in Homer is a simple frame house built in 1799 by Asa White. The house was moved to 20 Clinton Street in 1824, where it still stands. Also on Main Street, at no. 42, is an 1803 Saltbox that has small Frieze windows with one-way shutters and, at 87 South Main Street, a vernacular house that was constructed in 1808 from two older buildings from 1799: Homer’s first tavern and first schoolhouse/church!